Ground Rules and Expectations

After several years of paranormal research and reconnaissance, we have investigated in several different types of environments. We have investigated homes, businesses, outdoor environments and have had a few investigations evidence integrity tainted. There are various reasons for this, but mostly man made. With that being said we have come up with a list of ground rules or expectations of our clientele. The expectations or ground rules are being put in place to clean up the environment we are investigating, and to protect the integrity of our findings. After all, our goal is to provide you evidence of real paranormal activity or a logical explanation to your experiences.

While we appreciate the optimism and excitement in having a paranormal research team at your location, there are a few things that can contaminate the integrity of the evidence. These things are people, animals, electronics (all types) and motor vehicles (which we can’t control).

People: Again, we appreciate the interest and excitement in our field. While a paranormal investigation can be entertaining at times, we are not doing them as a form of entertainment. We are there to help and gather data of paranormal activity. We have had investigations where there have been several third party people that are not involved with the investigation. This causes for a close quarter investigation and a higher probability of false positive evidence. We ask that only involved essential parties to the investigation be present. No more curious friends hanging out…. Well except the ones we can’t see =0)

Animals: A lot of people enjoy the company of their furry family. We appreciate that and love animals as well, however, there are issues with animals being in the area of investigation. Animals, naturally tend to be uncontrollably noisy and especially loud on our sensitive audio equipment. Additionally, the panting or purring can contaminate the low frequency sound range drowning out potential whisper EVPs. Some of us listen live during the investigation on the highly sensitive audio equipment. A simple bark can actually be damaging to our hearing. We ask that you make arrangements (if possible and when requested) for your pets to not be present unless requested to be there as part of the case.

Electronics: This one is simple. Many of the devices we use either give off a Electro Magnetic Field or a Radio signal that can interfere with certain EMF meters integrity in gathering data. We ask that all cell phone usage be halted during the investigation. Use airplane mode. We may ask that power be cut to certain electronics (Internet modems/ routers, T.V.s, other electronics that make sound.)

While there may be instances we just can’t eliminate, we need to have a more controlled investigation area in effort to provide you the cleanest evidence possible.

In addendum, we also ask of our clientele to be engaged to expectations set forth in the pre-investigation interview. If you have questions or need clarification, please ask. The key to a successful investigation is communication.

The Paracon Team appreciates your understanding and cooperation