Conscious Energy Theory

What are Ghosts – The Theory Of Conscious Energy

Submitted by Brian Kent / Paracon 2008

Copyright 2008

What are ghosts made of ? How are they able to interact with living beings ? How are they able to show intelligence ? The answer , hypothetically, is conscious energy. To understand this theory, you must look at how a physical being develops and sustains itself.

Throughout the in utero period, a physical being develops a brain which is one of the main contributors to cellular growth. In order to do that, the brain requires the assistance of the atoms, which give it its power supply. These atoms are the energy source, a physical being will house throughout its physical existence. Atoms consist of protons which produce a positive charge, neutrons which have a neutral charge and electrons which carry a negative charge. The brain distributes this energy through the nervous system via neurons to promote cellular growth, the development of organs and standard physical operation. The amount of energy produced by the human body is between 10 and 100 millivolts of bio-electricity, depending on the activity conducted by the body. The brain uses approximately 20% of that power to keep the body functioning and for its own development.

Since our body is primarily made up of water, it acts as a conductor for the energy it contains. When a current flows through a conductor, it develops a magnetic resonant field pattern in and around the body. This is called an Electro Magnetic Field. All physical beings produce these patterns outside of their bodily confines and can be influenced by external magnetic fields such as other living organisms, electronic devices and the Earth’s own Electro Magnetic Field. The human brain can produce a field several feet from the head which some believe is the human aura. In a 1992 Samways report, the electrical charges from a human brain were measured using an EEG. The conclusion was that humans, in fact, do carry their own Electro Magnetic Field. As a result, the human body can act as an aerial that has the potential for simultaneous transmission and reception of energy within its environment. The report went on to say that human consciousness is now theoretically a quantifiable phenomena and partially measurable as an electro magnetic energy radiating outside of its bodily limitations.

Establishing our body’s energy source and its capabilities is crucial to this theory. Especially since atoms and energy are considered indestructible. The Law of Conservative Energy states that “energy may neither be created or destroyed. Therefore the sum of all energies in the system is constant.” Einstein’s theory suggested that “energy can not be destroyed, but is transformed”.

Attaching consciousness to the energy that exists in our body is as elementary as what you are doing right now. You are reading and learning. The largest consumer of your energy is the brain. From the beginning, our brain acts as a hard drive on a computer. It stores thoughts and ideas, things we have learned, experiences, emotions, reactions and beliefs which are assembled into our personality. Like all other organs, the brain is mortal. But this theory suggests, that the brain has the capability of feeding a body’s energy source with a physical beings consciousness, thus giving us the hypothesis of conscious energy.

The transformation phase from a physical state to a state of conscious energy, relies on what we know of the Earths Electro Magnetic Field. We do know that the Earths field is approximately 0.5 Gauss. A physical beings EMF is much less and measured in milligauss units.

One alternative suggests, our physical being is made up of the same atoms as the Earths. Thus the magnetic fields are the same. Since the Earths field is much greater it simply reintegrates our field with our conscious energy in tact, once our body is no longer able to sustain life.

One possibility could be, our conscious energy naturally ejects itself through the electro magnetic field we produce and into the Earths field much like lightning that is drawn to the Earth or static electricity.

The final hypothesis states, we are all made up of the same energy and we are all part of the same electro magnetic field. Mother Nature simply assigns us a physical embodiment for a period of time. Long enough to attach a consciousness to it. Once our body has reached its end, the energy gets reabsorbed back into the collective like a drop of water being put back into the ocean.

If this hypothesis stands correct, then the consciousness that defines us would be able to identify our change in embodiment and existence. That existence being in an electro magnetic state.

Since magnetic fields are capable of manipulating each other, it would seem conscious energy would have the intelligence to operate in an electro magnetic state.

If so, this conscious energy could be capable of causing EMF disruption, drawing off of other energy sources, manipulating electrical devices, invading radio waves or frequencies, moving things by working magnetic poles against each other, transmitting an appearance much like a televison airwave and possibly invading the subconscious of other living beings. All of which is considered paranormal activity.

When applying this theory to residual experiences, the most popular hypothesis refers back to shifts in the Earths Magnetic Field, which allows either a glimpse into a parallel universe or is broadcasting an energy imprint on the environment. Either way, the experience is not considered an actual conscious energy event, but more of a visual experience much like watching a movie being replayed.

When applying this theory to poltergeist activity, the subconscious of a physical being going through drastic physical changes such as puberty or menopause, boosts energy levels to a point where they are subconsciously and unknowingly capable of manipulating the electro magnetic fields around them. This telekinetic manipulation is much like conscious energy capabilities, but from a living physical being.

When applying this theory to actual trained psychics and mediums, the key word is trained. They are using their natural transmitter and receiver we all are given, boosting their energy levels and increasing their sensitivity to acquire a connection through the Earths magnetic field much like a ham radio tower increasing its amperage.

This is why investigators take note of drastic EMF changes, ion count differentials, barometric and temperature variances within suspected locations. All of these contributing factors are important to investigate and document. Stray and moving EMF levels and changes in the ion count that are not attributed to abundant electronics, radio towers, high voltage lines, weather patterns and air contamination are definitely suspicious. However, these contributing factors could also be capable of feeding conscious energy.

In short, this theory suggests we are all made up of atoms and the same molecular structure as all living beings on Earth. For a period of time, they form together in one complicated organism which we identify as our human body. The energy in our body fuels the brain which stores our personality, which in turn gives this energy source an identity. Upon the body’s passing, the magnetic field our body produced is reintegrated back into the Earth’s magnetic field with our conscious energy in tact. This conscious energy is what we consider a ghost.