Now What Do I Do?

So … you have discovered some unexplained activity in your location. How are you handling the situation ? Most people write it off at first, until it happens again. Some attempt to ignore it, believing it will just go away. Some try to rationalize the experiences … sometimes they are right … and sometimes they are wrong. Some start watching the paranormal programs on TV which can stir up the imagination to the point where everything is paranormal. But the truth of the matter is, everyone will still have questions in the back of their mind. And yet ….many will not seek answers, talk about it or ask for assistance.

Why is that ?

1. The fear of being ridiculed by family or friends. We still live in a society, where believing in such things is childish and nonsense. However … your peers aren’t dealing with these experiences, are they. You may have even thought this way … until it happened to you. However, there is a neutral and discreet outlet for your concerns if public perception is a priority.

2. A person’s religious beliefs. Even though all religions believe in a form of the afterlife, some can not conceive the idea of paranormal activity caused by those who have passed on. That in itself, seems to be contradictory to their teachings. Some go as far as to attribute this kind of activity to a demonic presence without considering any other alternative, and yet, most religious representatives won’t even investigate the issue.

3. The fear of the unknown. It’s a basic human instinct to categorize the unknown as dangerous and to fear things that are not understood or explained. There was a time when the Earth was believed to be flat and sailors thought if they went too far, they would fall off the edge. Imagine where our society would be, if our fears dictated our train of thought and kept us from broadening our intellect.

4. Scientific Beliefs. There are many things in this world that have not been discovered. We like to think we have a handle on everything, but the truth of the matter is, we don’t. There are circumstances where science and physics can be beneficial and answer certain questions but there are also circumstances where the current knowledge of science and physics simply fall short. This is why it is important to fully investigate at the location, gather as many details as possible and attempt to apply physics to the clients claims before making any determinations.

What this boils down to, is typical human nature and its reaction to something that is unexplained. Many suffer in silence due to peer pressure, contradiction to their beliefs and allowing fear to confine them from the truth.

Why should you contact a team ?

Simply put … you may not have paranormal issues. There are many unseen and overlooked alternatives which can be mistaken for paranormal activity. (Go to our “Is It Paranormal ” and “Science and Paranormal” pages for more detailed descriptions) Teams like Paracon, which do their best to investigate these probable causes FIRST, tend to uncover undetected but logical explanations for a clients claims. These variables when treated, can sometimes alleviate some or all of the “activity” at the location. If the team can not find due cause for scientific explanation, then the claims can be considered more paranormal in nature, in which the team can turn its attention towards a paranormal investigation.

This way, ALL possibilities are considered and covered.

If this is an option you wish to pursue, you may contact the team by e-mailing us at :


The members of Paracon are always available to discuss anyone’s concerns regarding unexplained activity, even if they choose not to have us in for an investigation. It is our mission to help those who have questions. We WILL listen and do our best to answer. Discussing these issues with someone who can relate, not only is therapeutic, it can possibly stir up some overlooked answers and give a different perspective.

When we conduct an investigation for a client, our assistance does not stop once we have left the location. Once someone has become a client, they will be our client until they no longer need us. We are prepared and provide counseling for all ages, knowing that adults are not the only ones with questions and concerns. We have been known to re-investigate a location if it is necessary and if the team struggles for answers, we have been known to out-source outside personnel to gain alternative solutions.

We believe that fully understanding our client and the broad picture, can unlock many doors. Communication and honesty are most important in determining what is objective and what is truly unexplained. Therefore, establishing a good working relationship between the team and the client may be just what is needed to uncover the truth.

The team is also in the process of setting up local Paranormal Support Groups in which people can interact with others with similar concerns. Sometimes knowing you are not alone, can be the best medicine. If you are interested, check back on this website or contact Brian at :

If you truly want help … all you have to do is reach out.