Possible Solutions

If Paracon has found rational or scientific explanations for a clients experiences, the team will notify the client of the source(s). If the source(s) have to do with the property and its infrastructure, it will be up to the client to resolve these issues. Paracon believes the property owner and professionals are best qualified to handle these duties.

If Paracon has completed a thorough investigation, captured documented evidence and found no scientific explanations for the clients claims, we will advise the client of their options in an attempt to resolve the situation.

These options are based on the client, their beliefs, the location and the activity being exhibited. Some options can be conducted the night of the investigation while others may require time to prepare for and may need out-sourced specialists. All options are attempts at resolving the situation yet none are guaranteed to work.


We believe the best way to resolving these situations, is it start with counseling. All of Paracon’s members have experienced this kind of activity in one form or another. Some of us can remember how it effected us as children. This can come in very handy in dealing with the children of clients who have many questions and are experiencing true fear. Sometimes just talking with someone who has experienced similar situations, can be very therapeutic.

It is through this counseling, we hope to understand the client better. It is important to understand their personal beliefs, what is happening in their lives and if changes are on the horizon. We believe paranormal occurrences happen for a reason. Understanding these aspects of a clients life, may give us those reasons.

Through our investigations and discussions, we have found that counseling may not only be beneficial for the client … but for the entities as well. This is why respect and compassion for their situation is important. We need them to open up and give us their side of the story. If this can be accomplished, then we possibly can establish some sort of agreement for either co-habitation with the client, or convince them to move on. Through respect and communication we think it is possible to reason with these entity’s by giving them a platform of recognition and yet, set boundaries the client will find acceptable.


Members of our staff have been trained in location cleansing and blessing. These are standard practices and rituals which are multi-denominational in nature. If this is practice you would wish to have performed in your home or business, we would be happy to oblige.