Paranormal Definitions

What Are You Experiencing?

Investigators use various descriptions to identify what their client is experiencing. A major part of that description relies on the type of interaction the energy is displaying, its intent and who or what the activity is centered around.

Below are descriptions of the most common.

The Intelligent Haunt

An intelligent haunt is one that is trying to communicate with living. It wants its presence known, for whatever reason. It may have unfinished business or a message to convey. It may not know that it has passed and has questions about its existence. It may be emotionally attached to the location or the people in it. It may feel it needs to keep a watchful eye over something or someone. And then again, it might just enjoy hanging around and scaring the living. Whatever the reason is, it is fully aware of its surroundings and the people in it. Some are able to manipulate their surroundings by moving things. Some are able to manifest into full bodied form, shadows, or mists for short periods of time. Some may only be able to cause a cold spot. A cold spot is believed to be an energy draw from the atmoshpere in a concentrated space. It is believed that the entity manipulates and deliberately draws energy from another source to make its presence known. Thus the reason for calling it an intelligent haunt.

The Residual Haunt

The residual haunt is really not a haunting at all. It has no awareness of you or the current surroundings. What you are witnessing is a rerun of a past occurrence. Maybe something that was so tragic or emotionally disturbing that it left an imprint on its environment. A common theory among investigators is, the earths geological set up is able to store this devastating energy to be replayed over and over again. Certain kinds of rock such as granite and limestone are supposedly an excellent paranormal “storage facility”. Another belief is that running water such as a river can act as a conductant for past occurrences to draw from. Others believe that the act itself was so strong and emotionally charged, that it left a permanent stain in that location. This quite possibly could be the reason why Gettysburg has so many claims of residual activity. A residual can not harm you. It does not even know you exist. The best analogy of a residual is that its like watching a recorded movie. It plays, starts over and plays again. Its nothing more than a glimpse into the past.

Negative Energy

Since we believe that conscious energy is human spirit, it is a forgone conclusion that personality and emotion are still in tact. Knowing what we know of human nature, there are people that are not very pleasant … angry at the world. There are bully’s and those who are just looking to start trouble. With that being said, we believe if you were one of these people in life … more than likely you will be one in the afterlife. This is what is considered a negative energy. They enjoy picking on the living, being mischievous, and get a kick out of startling people. They are considered an intelligent haunt due to their understanding of their whereabouts, their clients weaknesses and their ability to manipulate their surroundings. Although frightening at times, they are not considered a demonic, however they can physically touch and possibly harm someone if improperly provoked.

The Non-Human Haunt

A non-human entity is not produced from a person who has lived and died on this earth. It is believed to be an entity from a different plain of existence or realm. Although non-human occurrences appear to be rare, they can be quite dramatic and with purpose. Some investigators believe that they can be from angelic, or demonic descent. It is not quite clear where these entity’s derive from or their purpose. Great caution is advised in dealing with this particular entity.

The Demonic Haunt

Demonic entities are here to cause grief to the living. They feed off of fear and weakness, and concentrate their attacks on people who are usually under duress. Stress caused by emotional problems, and psychological conditions are one its main targets. The demonic likes to start with subtle paranormal activity and gradually increase it into dramatic and even violent episodes which leaves the victim feeling helpless and defenseless. Once the person being targeted feels totally secluded and unable to be saved, it is believed that the demonic will attempt possession. These kind of haunts are extremely dangerous, and must be handled immediately and properly, usually involving a religious intervention.


The term comes from the German phrase meaning “noisy spirit”. This mischievous energy likes to play pranks like moving things around and slamming doors. It is believed that poltergeist are actually psychic extensions of a living human being that is being played out telekinetically. In many cases, an adolescents presence may be causing it. It is also believed that its power is dependent on one or two inhabitants. Its activity tends to be temporary and sometimes shuts down as quickly as it appears.

be temporary and sometimes shuts down as quickly as it appears.