Respect & Compassion

What is a Haunting ?

Please watch this video. Approach and Intent means everything.

Respect can bring results

We all know there are absolutely no guarantees, an investigation can rid anyone of paranormal activity. As a matter of fact, there is not an investigator, psychic or scientist out there, that can physically “clean” any location of spiritual energy. If you have heard or read anything to the contrary, you are being mislead. This, we can guarantee !

However, a simple understanding of human nature can possibly subdue or even alleviate the problem, if patience, compassion, and the “Golden Rule” are inserted into the equation. Once again, there are no guarantees but, if a dialog can be established there is always a chance, resolution can become a reality. In order to reach a compromise between 2 sides, communication must be established.

Anyone with a voice recorder can capture a possible EVP or a video of unexplained shadow movement. But, the real question is …

Who is in the location and why ?

We believe the answer to these questions are possible leads to a plausible solution.

Communication (EVP Sessions) –

Would you walk up to a complete stranger on the street and ask “Who are you ?” … “Why are you here ?” Would you verbally threaten them or use profanity ? What kind of response would you expect ? How is this, in anyway, beneficial in establishing a reasonable conversation ? Some investigators, without warrant, start EVP sessions with “bully tactics” and provocation, as a way to stir up activity. Paracon believes in an entirely different approach.

EVP sessions can be a very valuable tool in the answer process. We believe that common courtesy, compassion and manners can go along way. Understanding the entity’s situation is one of our top priorities. The entity in question may feel lost, confused or neglected. Their appearances or actions may be misunderstood or misconstrued as a deliberate attempt to frighten the client when the entity may be, in fact, just trying to get the clients attention. Through a civilized EVP session, we believe we can open up a dialog and offer the entity the platform of recognition they desperately seek. Through this dialog, we hope to discover intent. Through it’s intentions, we may be able to uncover some answers.

Equipment –

What is the first reaction any human being has, if someone points what appears to be a weapon in our direction ? Do we move … get out of the way … run and hide ? What about strange pieces of equipment that have blinking lights and emit laser beams ? Do we avoid it or does our curiosity get the better of us ? Those reactions may be determined by the generation or century we are from.

Some equipment used by paranormal investigators can appear, to some entities, as threatening. They may be frightened of or do not understand what the equipment is or what it is used for. We go out of our way to explain our equipment’s uses, in the most elementary terms, and assure all entities in question, the equipment is there for their benefit. It is there to confirm their existence and to help them understand their current status of being. We believe this gesture not only is being polite, but it shows respect.

By attempting to explain this equipment, it is our goal to establish a comfort level surrounding the equipment, in which the entity can give the team, scientific readings and possibly use the equipment as an alternative for intelligent communication. Through these readings and manipulations of the environment, we can make a rough determination for the existence of such a being.